"Gayatri World, Yoga of Devotion and Mother Divine Satsang have been under development since 2016. There have been 100s of private sessions held via WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype and in-person - even while I travel." - Aarondev (Aaron)



A l l A r e U n s o l i c i t e d

"I feel so amazing, my heart feels much less stressed and my energy is extremely high. Absolutely divine experience that I am truly grateful for and feel soooooo blessed to have been offered this wonderful opportunity."

"Wow! Wonderfully connected to Mother Divine of the Universe! So healing meeting with your beautiful and humble presence helping me transform back to being free again! The best light worker yet!"

"Thank you for today's session, I felt real core strength today being filled with strength and smiling during the entire process. Once my eyes opened I noticed my sight had improved once again, thank you! Furthermore, when I close my eyes all I see is stars, an abundance of stars! Amazing! Wow! Jai Maa!"

Comment: This experience is the result of regular participation in sessions and the simple but very powerful 'Cosmic Neural Network' technique that was part of his satsang. This is a Unity experience. – Aaron

"I have just woken following a wonderful sleep straight after our session. Thank you again for your time, I feel more awakened with Divine Light once again."

Thanks Aaron! Thank you again for last night's session... very powerful!"

“I felt great after our session — full of light for many days.”

"I had a divine sleep and have had a busy day with little opportunity to meditate however feel as alive now lying in bed as I did this morning...."

"I feel amazing, my health is improving and my eyes are shining bright."

"... the next day I felt charged in the same way as I do after a weekend course in Vastu."

"Thank you again for an amazing session - truly amazing to summon the power of the Divine. I feel so blessed right now and just keep smiling!"

"Enjoyed divine awakening Saturday PM! Much Gratitude!"

"My experience was - when we came to Mother … i saw myself opposite sitting in full light… very lovely experience."

"When you invited Mother, she manifested in front of me."

"Dear Aaron, Thank you so much for the session…it was incredible. Mother has become a friend!"